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To register today visit Stone Alley!

New Football Players: $575

Returning Football Players: $455

New/Returning Cheerleaders: $295

New Crusader Package!

New football players and cheerleaders will receive a $120 "swag" package that includes a hoodie, sweat pants, t-shirt and shorts for practice, and an over-sized Crusaders zip up gear bag personalized with the player or cheerleader's name on it for storing equipment!

Payment Plan

Do you need a payment plan? We are offering the payment plan again this year for those who would like to take advantage of that. This is optional, you can pay in full at sign up if you prefer. 

*A $25.00 per sibling discount will be applied this season for families with 2 or more participants in the program.

Returning Football Players
$255.00 at sign up
$100.00 by the end of April
$100.00 by the end of July

$455.00.00  Total

New Football Players
$275.00 at sign up (to cover package)
$150.00 by the end of April
$150.00 by the end of July
$575.00 total

New/Returning Cheerleaders
$295.00 (Full Payment Only)

Got a Question?
We have the Answers!

Q: Where do you practice?
A: Deer Park

Q: Where is your home field for games?
A: Pantherplex (The old North Carroll High School)

Q: How frequently do you practice during the week?

A: Football - 1 film day, 3 practice days. Cheerleading - 2 days a week  

Q: What times are your practices?
A: 3:30-5:30

Q: What does the registration fee cover?

A: It varies for new and returning participants. All registration fees cover equipment, uniforms, & insurance. New players also receive a swag package for joining the team!

Q: How long is your season?
A: August through November, right before Thanksgiving.

Q: Do you play in a League?
A: Ye
s​. we are apart of the Eastern Christian Conference

Q: What equipment do you supply, and what equipment is the responsibility of the player?
Football: We supply the helmet, shoulder pads, and uniform. Players are responsible for practice attire, cleats, mouth piece, and lower pads (thigh, hip, knee, tailbone. This can be purchased as an integrated set and would highly recommend).


Cheer: We supply the uniform for games, and practice uniform. The practice uniform must be worn at EVERY practice. 


Q: Are their physicals or other standards and requirements that must be met to play?
A: Yes, all participants must have a completed physical. All participants must also sign our Code of Conduct and the Central Carroll Code of Conduct to participate. Parents are required to sign these as well.

If you have any more questions please check out our 2023 Season Packet or email us at

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