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Board Members

Bob Delph - Chairman

Terry Delph - Treasurer

Gary Clark - Athletic Director

Patsy Will - Secretary

Julie Crone - Parent Representative


Varsity / JV Coaching Staff

Head Coach - Mark Zinnamosca

Assistant Coaches - Glen Cote, 
  Scott Spaulding,  Bob Mochi, Josh Crone,
Jake Cote, Zach Cote


Middle School Coaching Staff

Head Coach - Tony Holland

Assistant Coaches - Dennis Dillon,
Nick Kortses, Ron Cromwell


Head Coach - Laurie Kaufman
Assistant Coach – Gina Na



Head Medic - Julie Crone

Assstant -  Dianna Cote



Terry Delph
Pit Beef Crew – Delph Family, Ronnie Will



Patsy Will



Mike Tucker
Patsy Will


Parent Rep

Julie Crone


Spirit Wear

Terry Delph


Field Acquisition, Referee Acquisition, Announcer

Gary Clark


Game Scheduling

Coach Zinnamosca, Tony Holland (MS)


Homecoming Game, Senior Recognition

Board & Cheer Team


Banquet Preparations

Board & Dianna Cote




Season Highlights

Crusaders Middle School Team wins 2nd MDMSAC Championship!


Crusaders win 2016 ECC North South Bowl


Nationals Report


The Central Maryland Christian Crusaders again traveled to Panama City Beach Florida on November 16th 2016 to compete in the National Homeschool Football Tournament. On the first day of the tournament the Varsity team was defeated by the Kansas Christ Prep Patriots 38-19. On Day two The Crusaders had a fun day on the beach and shopping at night time. Finally on day three the Varsity team battled The CHEF Patriots (LA) in brutal emotional contest. The Crusaders won the game 38-19 to win the last game of the season for the Crusaders.  For some seniors this was their last high school game and a very emotional win! The Richmond Disciples won the National Championship for the second year in a row marking the first time any team has accomplished this.


Overall 8-4 (Region 1-1) National Rank 10726 State (VA) Rank 268


Game Records


8/26/16 Varsity CMCC vs Northern Virginia Centurions = W 37-0
9/2/16 Varsity CMCC vs Capital Christian Academy = W 20-6
9/9/16 Varsity CMCC @ MD School of the Deaf = L 46-0

9/16/16 Varsity CMCC @ Rappahannock HS VA= W 34-17
9/24/16 Varsity CMCC vs Northern Virginia Kings = W 42-6
10/3/16 Varsity CMCC vs Maryland Christian Saints = W 14-12
10/7/16 Varsity CMCC @ Central Virginia Homeschool Disciples = L 60-18
10/13/16 Varsity CMCC @ St. James Academy = L 69-15
10/28/16 Varsity CMCC @ Model School of Deaf = W 42-0
11/5/16 ECC Playoffs North South Bowl CMCC vs North Wake Saints NC = W 26-12
11/17/16 Nationals Varsity CMCC vs Christ Prep Patriots (KS) = L 38-13
11/19/16 Nationals Varsity CMCC vs CHEF Patriots (LA) = W 38-19




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